alright i dont know if this is the right forum but here it goes. i am trying to get a better at soloing since all if have been doing is rythm stuff. problem is i am having trouble practicing some solos with a metronome, specifically the no remorse solo's which is like all triplets. so my question is, do i really need a metronome, because i can just memorize what i have to play and then play it progressively faster, or should i stick with the metronome?
A metronome is a key element in becoming a great musician. Stick with a met, it really does help, even if you don't notice at first.
You absolutely have to use the metronome. There is no substitute for it. I know it's easy to believe that you're in time when just playing alone, but the fact is that you'll horribly f*ck up if you ever were to play said solo with a band. Believe me, I've been through this.
^ Yes to everything else. I never used to practice with a metronome. When I first started, I realized how terrible my sense of timing was. It helps a lot.
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guess i better start using it then thanx guys. also does it get easier to use it as time goes on?
Like with anything, practice makes perfect. It will get much easier.

Just pray that anyone else living with you doesn't want to slit your throat when they hear "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK" for hours on end. Haha. :P
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You should play A major 5th position at 70bpm quarter notes and then subdivide the notes from quarter notes to eighth note into eighth note triplets, then sixteenth notes, then sixteenth note triplets and so on. It's progressively harder as you up the tempo and subdivide. Also, remember that you have to absolutely PERFECT the part before you move on. Don't be like "hey I can do this well once, so I'll up 30bpm now." NO! Speed is a byproduct of muscle memory and precision (my Dad absolutely carved that into my brain...).
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