Can be both negative or neutral, as in

What's wrong with you hair?


What about your hair?
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Was - What
ist- is
mir - Me
deinen - you/your
haaren - hair


damn you beat me.
and it should be

Was ist mit deinen Haaren, not mir deinen Haaren - that makes no sense
Ok, thanks. I tried Babelfish but it didn't make sense. We had to translate it for homework. The teacher must have made a typo, therefore I didn't understand it. Thanks again.
translate.google.com = win
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Tell her
"I could be playing this *inserts Job For a Cowboys Doom Cd*
but i'd rather play this *inserts *David Crowder followed by Brewster*"

haha yeah that should work

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richrawr FTW!
What's wrong with your hair.
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