Yes, it's another which is better thread!

I was originally looking into getting a Washburn X50PRO, but now i have seen the Epiphone SG Prophecy GX and i'm not so sure.

Does anyone know which gives a better sound?

I play anything from death metal to soft acoustic-style stuff, so i need to have good cleans but be able to have extreme distortion too.

The Washburn has Seymour Duncan's as standard (are they real SD's or just SD Designed?) and the Epi has Gibson Dirty Finger's, apparently the highest output pickup Gibson makes.

Any ideas? They are both in the same price range.

Other suggestions are welcome!
The X50 has actual SDs. It has a Custom Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck. Not familiar with the Custom Custom, but the '59 is great for high gain leads as well as soft, warm cleans. I would personally go with the X50 - I haven't played it myself, but tons of people around here swear by it.
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Quote by grahic
none of them, Samick is the best

That's really helpful.

Anyone else got any suggestions/ideas?