Can someone out there help me find a whole lot of them. I am looking for the fastest thing ever played!!! I just want to see how fast someone can actually pley. Not none of those fake youtube crap videos either. People are always posting dumb vids on there only really good ones please. Like something by Petrucci, or Steve Vai. Thanks.
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I'm not sure it's the fastest (or even close to the best) but In the Name of God by Dream theater has a pretty impressive shreddy section.

EDIT: If your looking for actual videos, Petrucci really goes at it in his Rock Discipline videos. I'm not sure if any clips are on youtube though (the psycho exercises don't count because parts of those have been sped up).
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speaking of shred, (flame shield up) guitar world tabbed out the fire and flames, its 20 pages.
wtf. who that reads that mag will be able to/want to play it?
but uh, slayer has some fast 'solos'
the beginning of 'dream theater - the glass prison' is pretty dope
Scarified (Spaceship Live version) - Paul Gilbert (check out youtube!)
Any song off Suspended Animation by Petrucci, especially Jaws of Life (7 strings) or Damage Control.
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