i'm in the market for a new amp under $400, the lower the better. i'm pretty set on a tube amp to get the best sound unless someone knows of a ss that can compete with tube tone in this range. amp will be used at home, no gigs. i like to (try) to play mainly metal and some classic rock.

so far my list looks like this:
blackheart 5w half stack ~ $250 (on back order everywhere until at least mid april)
peavey valveking 112 ~$400 (maybe more power than i need and not sure i want to spend that much)
epiphone valve jr ~$250 (basically same as blackheart but no tone control or 3/5w switch)
palomino v8 ~$200 (really don't know too much about it)
roland cube 30x ~$230 (heard good things but will tone compare to tube?)

so that's the list so far. my first choice from research is the blackheart but i was hoping to get something sooner than later. the only one i know that i can demo would be the valveking so i might do that this weekend. will i be able to get decent tone at lower volumes with all of these? i will probably rarely crank it up to half.

thanks all
thanks for reply.

is the v16 gonna be able to sound good at low levels? it won't get loud very often.

i've been thinking that in order to get any metal tone w/o cranking volume i'm gonna need a good od pedal. i'm figuring that to be about an extra $100.

so are any of these amps listed capable of getting distorted at lower levels so i don't have to worry about adding $100 for an od pedal? i'm thinking that the cube 30 might be my best bet here but how does it sound? i'm really digging the tone i've heard from tube amps.


edit: i really like sound clips i have heard of the blackheart stack, anyone know of anywhere they are not on backorder for a month?
If you have 3 weeks to a month, the Blackheart Handsome Devil should be out. It has a master volume that the Little Giant doesnt have, so you can get good overdrive at apartment-friendly volume levels. The right overdrive or distortion pedal in front of it will get you the metal tones you want, and both should be in your price range. Well, maybe just outside it, but not by much.