Poll: Where do you keep your pick(s)
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Wedged in strings, under nut
12 17%
Wedged in strings, on top of nut (headstock)
9 13%
28 41%
On top of amp
25 36%
In guitar case
15 22%
In a dedicated pick container/bag
25 36%
I've got so many I couldn't possibly care
18 26%
24 35%
Voters: 69.
title says it all....i keep mine wedged between my strings under the nut and a spare in a pick pouch on my keychain. i also have like a million others all over my guitar room but i don't count those....
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but yeah its fine
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who knows? picks are harder to hold on to than......slippery things.....

just buy a ton of them, use a new one every time you pick up your guitar
and eventually, they'll be so spread out around your room/house you'll never have to go looking for one again.

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My right back pocket.
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There's a few in the pocket of my favourite jeans, there's one in my purse that I bought the other day and hasn't made it into regular circulation yet, one in my boyfriend's guitar, a few around his room that have migrated via my jeans to his place, one in my guitar (wedged under the little plastic flap that comes off to adjust the truss rod) and all the rest are blu-tacked onto my wall, they are mainly worn down ones or weird ones I don't want to use, like a holographic skull.
i chew on mine always. Like even in school, where i am not within 300 yards of a guitar, i am chewing on it.

strangely enough, i sometimes forget i am chewing on one and have to go searching through the house until i remember..."oh yeah, check your mouth"
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i have picks all over the place. i keep some in my pocket, my wallet, my case, wedged in the strings, under the pickguard, the top of amps, and ill throw one inside my acoustic so i never lose it.
I keep the one I'm using under my guitar's strings, and the others in random places in my room.
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Wtf? That was piss poor.

I never know where mine are. T.T

I have a crappy little orange one at the moment. Lost all my Dunlop 1mils.
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