I got Audacity and Kristal. Does anyone know if those are good for recording guitar, keyboard, and electric drums at low volumes? Also, does anyone know how to record with an electric drumset into a computer, without an amp?
you have the best there is for free, it should be fine recording at lower volumes (i record my guitar plugged straight in the comp and it sounds fine!) I don't know much about electric drum sets so I can't tell ya about that question, sorry.
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audacity is great for mastering and such, ive never heard of this kristal, but find Reaper its great for editing, record into audacity then put those tracks into reaper, then render it, put it in audacity agian and master it. as fro recording at low volumes, it all depends on if you have a good-quality microphone, you would plug your mic output into your computer's line in, that should answewr the quistion about recoridng your electric drums wihtout an amp, just plug the output into your computer's line in or the mic in...
you might need to replace the soundcard in your computer for good qaulity recording, i did and i have an HP...

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Audacity is the best free recording software you can get.

If you wanna mix and all, you can look into Reaper. Thats a good software too.