So I got to learn my first song, by Pink Floyd. I got the basics down I just need to speed up the tempo and clear up some mistakes. But I have a question. The beginning is played with fingers right,no pick, but when it comes to actually strumming do i just pick up a pick or keep strumming with thumb, which I'm not sure how is done properly.
Strum with the pick. I play the whole song with it.
--"Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride."--
Ok i wasn't sure how to play the beginning party exactly.

with pick I sometimes miss a string and hit the one below or above.
the intro should be played with a pick. there's no reason to fingerpick it.
any inaccuracies with your picking will fix themselves as you get better
yeah, comes out sounding better with pick, and should be louder than any rhythm guitars you would be playing with. Love that intro on acoustic btw....