Hey guyz, my Peavey Amp has a choice of Modern and Vintage ( Like a switch). I don't see the differents. What is Modern and what is vintage?

And also my SX guitar is a Vintage Series. I don't know what that too,

If you're talking about the Rage 158, then the Vintage switch is supposed to make it sound brighter, while the Modern switch has more bass. (I can only tell a minute difference, get a new amp A.S.A.P).
In terms of age Vintage is pre-1980 (atleast IMO). Sonicly and "vintage model" wise it means it's based after older gutiars (like pre-80's starts and the tone of earlier rock)
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Vintage = usually 60s.

Now vintage tone, is usually that sorta tone you'd find in 50s-70s rocknroll or blues.
However modern is. . well just stick kerrang radio on
Hey there, thanks for the replys, if i want to play a metal, do you recommend switch to modern instead of vintage?

and plus, what sounds better?>
Having had a Peavey Envoy 110 (which is basically the same, just bigger), I can tell you that avoid the clean modern and vintage lead chanels, 'cause both SUCK.

So if I were you, I'd just use the vintage clean and modern lead chanels for everything. Just play with the knobs till you find the sound you're looking for.
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