Ok, I've come to the point where im going to stop focusing on scale shapes and more on the notes in each scale. The shapes are confusing to me and I think I could actually understand things better if I know the notes on the fretboard. I'm working on that. Now, forgetting about shapes, how am I supposed to memorize what notes are in what scale? I know you need to know the intervals but that still doesn't help memorizing what notes go in what scale. For example using the major scale, C major contains no accidentals. Its easy to memorize. But what about all the other 11 major scales? I guess if you know one scale you can know two because of relative minors. I.E, if you know C major, you know A minor. But, in the long run, how am i supposed to memorize what notes go in what scale? I can write it down on paper using the WWHWWWH interval but how am i ever gonna remember what scale contains what sharp or what flat etc. I hope you guys can understand what I'm trying to say. I'm better explaining something in person. Thanks
Thanks for the info. I can figure out the notes of any major scale on paper, but i just don't know how im gonna be able to memorize and remember them on the fly.
Why do you need to know the sharps? If you already know WWHWWWH then you should be able to figure it out right?

Do you have WWHWWWH memorized or what? Sorry, it's a bit hard trying to understand the question.
Ok, lets just say, i wanted to play an F# major scale. I could write it out and figure out the notes but it would be kinda hard to go through wwhwwwh pattern in my head to figure out the notes. Same with all the other scales, its just hard to go through the wwhwwwh interval in your head to determine the notes. There are 12 different major scales all with different combinations of notes. Will playing them through repetition be the way that i can remeber which notes go in what scale?
Well you could do two things, practice having your mind do multiple tasks at once. You could try some simple mental math. This would take years though, but its like killing 100 birds with one stone since it will help you out alot. ^_^

A more practical method...

You could just practice the scale and just at first write out each note, then as you play them on the guitar say the note outloud. Sounds stupid, looks stupid but it works.

Example, I play 5th fret E string and say "A" Then 7th fret E string and say "B" Ect Ect.