Okay I've been playing guitar for about a year now and I was just messing about playing my friend's bass when this question popped to mind:

What would a guitar with both electric guitar AND bass pickups sound like?
When I think of this I usually imagine a standard electric guitar with a guitar pickup on the bridge (single coil or humbucker) but a bass pickup on the neck for the 4 lower strings of the guitar.

Basically what I would expect from such a guitar would be the posibility to sound like a proper electric guitar during lead/solos and certain rythm parts but also to be able to switch to the bass sound for bassier rythm and such.

I might make a quick mock-up of my idea later but don't have time right now.

Any sort of intelligent or helpful response will be greatly appreciated.
It'd sound stupid - the sound of a bass comes from it being tuned an octave lower, not from its pickups.
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ehhh, don't think it would sound so good, you would most likely need 2 out puts ands each pick up with it's own tone and volume knob
The reason a bass sounds so low is because it's tuned a whole octave lower than a 6-string guitar, and has thick as hell strings. Bass pickups are wound to give plenty of output with lower, less energetic frequencies, are voiced for lower freqs. and are spaced for use with a bass bridge & nut. Putting bass pickups in your 6-string would make it sound like a fart. Most of the strings would be hovering between poles, giving you huge dead patches, and it would be voiced all wrong.

Just buy an octave pedal, phool.
Well, thanks for the responses. Now, not only do I know that bass pickups on a 6 string guitar is a stupid idea, but I also know WHY (which is probably the most important).

At least it's out of my system now.

Thanks for the info guys!