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It's the rough mix of a song I one day hope to record with live drums and better guitar tone.

Constructive criticism appreciated, keep in mind that I will be re-recording it soon with better quality. The guitars and synths were both done with one take apiece.

I'm leaving my comp, but tomorrow I will crit your's if you've crit mine.

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Wow... that was really psychedelic, man. I think on a decent hit of acid, that song would've been put on repeat and played all night.

I see what you mean about the quality, but its not horrible.. better than a lot of the stuff on here.

The beat got messy towards the end... I don't know if you were playing off time, or the beat was doing something odd, but it didn't jive.

Nice work so far, and I'm interested to hear a future version of it.

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Hey, thanks for the crit. I'll do my part and return the favor:

Thoughts as listening:
- Woah, didn't see the sweet modulation coming.
- Very nice tones, it sounds like you've got something decent to record with.
- The riffs sound very blues/rock n roll... you like the Rolling Stones don't you?
- The drums added a missing something
- The synth is pretty sweet. the fuzzy-ish one sounds like it ends abruptly though. In my opinion it should have rage
- Sweet guitar solo, but it could've use a slight bit less chorus, it sounds robotic... which kind of works, but then it should have been turned down.
- The harmonic (high note) should have rang long and the faded out in my opinion... but that's just my tastes...
- The ending was abrupt. You should let the last note repeat and fade slowly...

Overall: 9/10 because is it sounded so damn cool.

Again, Thank you for the crit.
Thanks for the critiques.

I added a couple parts/instruments to the song and re-uploaded it. Still not in final form but it sounds better then the first one.

C4C of course.
Pretty trippy stuff here.

The bends and phrasing may sound a little better if they were more pronounced, and smooth.

The drums add to it, very cool beat...

Maybe some panning with the synth and guitar?

I agree with the guy above me though,
a fade out would be pretty sweet.

I can see it at a rave or something... ha.

sweet stuff man.

EDIT: crit mine?

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