Yea I just bought a new ibanez GA6CE and its a classical guitar. I was wondering if its weird to play a classical guitar with a slide. I know its a dumb question and may be pointless but thats what these forums are made for. Hook me up with some answers.
ive played bass, and cello and erhu with a slide and they work, so i think just nylon strings wouldn't be as weird, though i have yet to try it yet
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But sometimes the thing that seem weird at first can turn out to be awesome. I haven't seen it done, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. Just fool around with it for a while and if you get some cool sounding riffs, go with it.
can you play classical with a pick or is it usually just finger picking.
You can play with a pick. There isn't anything that says you can't. I play with a pick sometimes. Most of the time I play with my fingers.

I have some classical guitar slide on my profile if you want to hear the difference.