Now... Irony has forseen this. I have bashed garbage sounding amps forever now I need to buy one for a friend! My buddy who is the frontman of our psychadelic band needs a good loud bass combo and bass guitar, b/c we are just going to teach him to play bass. What do you guys suggest for a budget of 350$ max?
From my experience, cheap basses work fine. I mean, my friend has this Encore P-bass which is plywood, and it works good for him (after few adjustments...like string height and nut sanding). I mean, hell, he found his bass better for himself than most of the epiphone range basses. He is upgrading to fender jazz/P soon though (after 2 years with his encore).

As for amp, i'd reccomend a brand called hartke, but they're not very common in the US (i think). I think your budget is too tight though, to get both bass and amp at the same time.
I think a good amp would be needed most. What are the best bass amps that are loud enough for a Gig setting in the 200-350 dollar price range
Probably anything 100-200w+ you could get. you don't really have much to choose from.