ok heres the deal i got a crate 2x12 combo and a rr jackson sting thru body and bc rich bronze warlock for sell im asking 350 for the amp or trade and the jackson about 200 and the warlock 120 email me at the_knot07@yahoo.com ill have pics soon please no local pick up and trades ill take a look into im looking for a peavey combo amp a marshall combo amp only 2x12
the crate and the jackson plus cash for my xiphos. pix/info in my sig
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
hmmm i dont really like ibanez should i note this is one of the older crates so it has way more power then the newer crate 2x12 the jackson is practiclly brand new its got one small ding on the bevel so small u cant feel it unless u drag ur finger across it im looking for charvels and esp's also the jackson is solid black with chrome skull knobs id also be willing to get rid of them for a rr3 make me another offer anything else beisdes the ibanez im a fair guy
I'm kind of interested in pictures of both guitars. I'm guessing the Crate is solid state?