Now... Irony has forseen this. I have bashed garbage sounding amps forever now I need to buy one for a friend! My buddy who is the frontman of our psychadelic band needs a good loud bass combo and bass guitar, b/c we are just going to teach him to play bass. What do you guys suggest for a budget of 350$ max?
For that budget, the basses in teh FAQ are going to be your best bet, esp. since part of that budget needs to go towards the amp.
Is that Bass Starter Pack that Ibanez is offering any good? I was thinking about getting it if/when I get a bass, just since I'd like to get a six-string bass later and not have to pay an extra $200-300 paying for an Ampeg or something. Actually, that sounds like a better idea, doesn't it?
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OK I think I want to snag my bud and Ibanez GSR or a Yamaha RBX, But i know most of the tone comes from the amp. We are going to be in a giggin environment so something at least 200-300 watts will be needed.
I will see if i can stretch it to 450... if so, what would be the best amp for around 200-350 that gets nice n loud?
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well there is a crate amp for 200 i think let me find a link... but for the price there arent many amps that large... i got a peavy bc guitar center effed up and its really loud with my ibanez gsr200 and i love that bass...
well i guess not... anyway, my peavy made it through a jam session with a guitarist and drummer and it was loud enough i like it but then again that is the only amp ive owned... if at all possible head out to guitar center or sam ash or the likes... i almost spent more money the other day at the music store when i went because they had a a used fender rumble 100w for cheap here
ok, look at your local 2nd hand website/paper.

i bought my first bass and amp. got a bc rich ironbird pro and a lancy hardcore something-or-rather 30 watt amp for £50