The search bar yielded a few results, most about how DragonForce is a bad video game band. So, I've made this thread for people who LIKE DragonForce. Please don't bother coming here to flame/make fun of/say how much you hate DragonForce. Please, constructive criticism only. No "DragonForce sucks." No "Phail." None of that, because if you don't like DragonForce, I'm sure you have better things to do than to annoy people who do.
So, here we are: WikiPages for every member and my three favorite DragonForce songs.
Herman Li
Sam Totman
ZP Theart
Vadim Pruzhanov
Dave Mackintosh
Frédéric Leclercq

Body Breakdown
Revolution Deathsquad
Through the Fire and Flames
It'd be nice if Sam didn't get totally smashed at every concert and destroy the band's performance, but otherwise they're great.
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Honestly, they are like Angels and Airwaves, their music needs to mature more, and use more technique than speed...
I like some of their songs, not enough to say I'm a true fan... but yeah, they're alright I guess. I do just want to say that Guitar Hero has pretty much ruined their reputation beyond belief.

Bands don't suck just because they get popular or featured in a video game. People need to realize that.
Revolution Deathsquad has a very nice intro.

And I'd have to say that my favourite songs are Valley of the Damned, Trail of Broken Hearts and Soldiers of the Wasteland.

Evening Star has a really nice harmony riff as well.
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I think they're a pretty good band. I've only heard their most recent album, but I really liked the Flame of Youth.
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decent. and so over rated.. people call them the fastest Band out! bitch please, listen to some jazz fusion.
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Valley of the Damned and Sonic Firestorm were great. Inhuman Rampage was garbage except for like 2 songs.
I listened to a song the other day it was called Valley Of The Damned Sonic Firestorm Inhuman Rampage.
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