i got my 360 about a week ago and i was wondering how i get the warranty if it red rings? i've been playing it a crap load and if i need to fill out some paperwork then i'd like to know. so what does a man gotta do?


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ms has a 3 year warranty on all xbox360s for the 3 red rings and they will know when your xbox was made. alls u gotta do is ring the customer number and follow their instructions. simple
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so i DO or DON'T need to fill out something? i'm confused...
Just call up the customer service. They'll have the manufacturing date from the serial number so they can tell that way. You'll have to give in a few details, then they'll give you a reference number. They'll tell you to box up the console only and write the ref no on the box.

But before all that, they'll tell you to go through these tests to make sure that it is actually something red ring related.

They'll talk you through it on the phone.
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You don't have to fill anything out. You CAN register your console if you want, but that will only let MS know where you live. If you happen to get one of the 10% of consoles that get the ring of death, you only need to call 1-800-4MYXBOX and give them your serial number. They will send you a box and replace your console.
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no, you don't really need to do much
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