I'm in the market for a nice loud amp to practice with my band, possibly small gigs. My price range is around $1100. I'd also like to get a new guitar. I currently play an Epiphone Black Beauty through my Fender-G dec, which is not nearly loud enough. I like my guitar, I'd just like to have another pretty axe on my wall. I'm just wondering if I should go with a tube combo amp and a new guitar or just look into buying a half stack. For the combo I was thinking about the Peavey Classic 30 and either a Fender Jaguar HH or a Gibson Faded SG for the guitar. If I went with just the half stack, I was pondering the Peavey Classic 30 Head with the Peavey crooked cab. I play mainly rock, punk, indie, etc..

Main question: Will the combo be loud enough for band practice/small gigs? I'm going to be playing one this weekend at my local store, but probably won't be able to crank it too much.

Thanks for any advice!
your guitar is fine man...the classic 30 is loud enough for practice and gigging....and with all the money you are going to have left you can buy some nice pedals...and if after that you feel the need for a cab for the classic 30, go for it
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The combo would be fine. Having more speakers doesn't really make much difference in volume (makes some but not much), more speakers generally just gives you more low end. If you ever want more speakers you can just hook a cab up to the back of the combo.
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Awesome. Thanks for the input guys. Is there a better tube combo than the classic 30 for playing rock/punk, indie, or are pedals a must no matter what you buy?
The Classic 30's a great amp for your styles. Depends on what you want to spend. I think the ideal amp for punk/indie is the Vox AC30. A nice compromise is the Peavey Delta Blues, which is similar to the AC30, but priced like the Classic. I like it better.

The Traynor YCV's are worth looking into, too.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Ahh.. yeah, I think the Vox is slightly out of my price range. I'd probably have to drive a few hours to try one out as my local store only sells peavey. They actually had a Delta Blues there, and they were gonna order a Classic 30 for me to try. I'll give both a shot.

Thanks again!