I'm buying some rack gear (never used it before) and was looking at different housings for them (Gator etc).

However my speaker cab has a handle on top of it - so how is my rack case going to sit flat on top of my speaker cap? My old amp head was fine as it had a hollow region underneath, but these rack mount housings dont' have any hollow regions....the thing isn't going to sit on my speaker cabinet! Do some speaker cabs not have handles on top? It's a 2x12.

Sorry to ask such a silly question, but I don't wanna commit then realise the thing can't sit on top of my cab.
hmm...my 4x12 doesnt have a top handle. is it removable? if it is and you arent going to be moving it around too much you could always just take it off. my amp head has a handle like i think you are talking about and it is removable.
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