I am already a lyric writer, but my style is more suited for extreme metal, whereas the band I joined has power metal vocals/lyrics. So I don't want to contribute "heavy" lyrics (ie, misanthropy, gore, religion bashing, etc), but I still want to write for the band. Can anyone give me suggestions for topics, styles, general tips, power metal bands with good lyrics, etc?
Thanks in advance.
write about happiness, up to and including: rainbows, fairies, love, sex, etc.
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I guess I should be more specific. The band isn't the stereotypical "cheesy" power metal band (so no battles, wizards, etc.) The music is dark, heavy, and fast, but with clean vocals, so the easiest way for me to describe it is power metal. That said, I am trying to get topics that would sound good when sung, as opposed to screamed/growled. Some song titles that kind of suggest the topics (because I haven't read any of the lyrics myself) are "Stay True and Ride Free", "Handling the Blade", "Gates of Hell", "Death Built for Two", "Unto the Rain", etc. Hope you people can get what I mean.


That shows the general style of the band and it's vocals/lyrics. Hope it helps.
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You can still write the misantropic, religion bashing lyrics with clean vocals. Look at NWOBHM


Im the song writer for my powermetal band, here are a few examples of our theme's and styles of imagery I use.

Powermetal is imagery driven lyrics. Its not about just about telling the story, but also letting the people see the story play out in their mine.

If you feel what you have isnt cutting it look at how you can expand on it and give it more presence

So I swung my sword at him.

With the lust of revenge I plunged my sword into his heart.

i have a whole process i use when writing my songs which is the same method i use for writing novels.
Create a theme
create your characters
create the problem
create the premise of a solution to said problem
create an ending note.

Use a word web if your having trouble grouping the info.
The take it, put it all in order
then expand on the information.

Powermetal isnt just limited to D&D style lyrics.
Its anything that creates an atmosphere and tells a story.
Your only limited by your own creativity.
I hope this helps, feel free to pm for more assistance.
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