I can't find much info on this bass. It's a Fender MIM. The headstock says Precision Bass and I looked up the serial number and found out it was made between 96-98. It has a active p/j pickups with stacked pots. Anyone have any idea?

Yeah, why is the headstock so skinny?
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The pickguard also looks different from what I've seen. This must be a custom shop, I've never seen stacked pots or that guard on a Fender before.
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Yeah I haven't either. Just curious on what the hell it is lol.. Doesn't sound bad and it has active controls and stuff. So I don't know.
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To the TS, if you have a serial number can you post it? Most of the Fender dating sites should give you to the month accurate date on your bass, rather than a year range.
Yeah the serial number is MN538362. I'm just looking through serial numbers right now

Edit: I did have some help from the talkbass forum and someone mentioned that the body is a Fender Mexican Pbass special AKA The Cowpoke. The body is all correct but the headstock does look wrong.
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According to the guitar dater project, that serial number is accurate for an MIM Fender bass. Here's the info I found so far:

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico
in the Year(s): 1995 - 1996
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But seriously... the only Fender I've ever seen with that pick guard other than Steve Bailey's...

And let's not talk about Steve Bailey...
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Thanks for that info. I appreciate it. I just came across that site just a few minutes ago.
It looks all wrong to me. The pickup cover doesn't fit the pickguard, and the headstock isn't quite right. I'm far from convinced it's a genuine Fender, though the neck probably is.
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And yeah, I got nothing on the bass, just had to say that >_>
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And as for the sound, it's smooth. Real smooth. It has new basslines pickups on it and a Badass II bridge. Real nice.

Thought it must be real. I'm sure it is a nice bass, and it looks interesting... but who would fake a MIM Fender?

The headstock shape reminds me of a few discontinued Japanese Fenders like the JP-90.
I've seen a bass very similar to this in a local pawn shop, I didn't believe it was a legit Fender when I saw it too.

The headstock is way too skinny, when I'm at that pawn shop again I'll take pictures and ask the store owner what he knows about it.
Maybe, just maybe this is a precursor to the Zone bass (which is discontinued). I mean, I can't think of any other MIM Fenders at the moment with 22 fret necks... but the Zone didn't even have a 22 fret neck.

EDIT: It's just a mid-90's Precision Special, nicknamed the Cowpoke Precision.

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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
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I appreciate everyones input. I don't know why there isn't much info on this bass. Since I found out the nickname I'm finding bits and pieces on it, but not a whole lot. I got it for a nice deal though. So I can't complain.
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Robin guitars used to make a P-inspired bass with a body similar to that. The neck might be a Fender however, because Robin's bass necks made butterfly wings seem sturdy. Might it be somebody's parts box special? It's not so far from Houston to Ensenada...

Nice looking bass!
My college tutor has the same bass, sans pickup cover in black, with black scratchplate, black stacked knobs. He defretted it some time ago, same skinny headstock.

Can't get a pic just yet becasue I'm off college for 3 weeks, but it IS a legit fender, some kind of special.
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