so on my hoodie the string thingy came all the way out of the hood (the string that u can pull to make the hood tighter w/e). does anyone know how to put it back in? any help appreciated
Put it back in. Thats how.
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might be able to just trace it with it as you go along once you've got it started
not really sure how much else you can do
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attach it to a coat hanger, which you will unwind, making it more of a rod
just tie the end of the string to your rod and feed it through
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The easiest way would probably be to get a piece of long stiff wire (like a wire coat hanger untwisted) and thread it through the hood with the string tied to one end.

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who uses those silly strings anyway?
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if its a band sweat shirt.... buy a new band sweat shirt! cant have to many of those right...


do the coat hanger thing if its one of those expensive skate brand sweatshirts