I need examples of good solos that only have a lead playing, no rhythm. Im playing with my friend and our rhythm/bassist isnt coming to alot of practices, so i am trying to come up with something that sounds good just with drums backing.

Unfortunately, without the chords backing, it makes it alot harder to make a solo sound good. So far I ahve Van Halen as the only band i know that has to rhythm, can I get a few more if you guys can come up with a few off the top of your head?
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

its hard so many bands that have one guitarist just record a rhythm
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get a looping station thing
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Certain Pantera songs don't have a backing guitar on the solos. Same thing with Black Sabbath.
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SRV all the way. The solos might be more than you can handle, but it'll give you an idea of how to use the structure and phrasing to compensate for the loss of the rhythm guitar. Keep in mind to that you could work with you bassist, keyboardist or what have you. The way we do it in my band is he'll (the bassist) will change octaves, or he'll harmonize the previous chords he was playing to thicken it up or he'll just add a lil fuzz or distortion to thicken it up.

Also, Hendrix, Frusciante, Van Halen and Beck (Jeff that is) used minimal overdubbed rhythm guitars. Live stuff is always a good way to go, assuming the bands your checking out are good live bands, lol.

Another tip I'd offer would to record chord progressions and then solo over them so you can get the fill, if you can record that is or there's no bassist present. Phrasing is very important to remember, it can fill the room or suck it dry. Just be patient and allow for the notes to come out.

Also, find more reliable musicians to be in a band with.

Good Luck.
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Listen to a lot of live albums.

Ozzy, Zeppelin, etc... all use one guitar live. "Crazy Train," por ejemplo, sounds fine. Any other live recording by a band with one guitarist should be similar.
How could I forget Randy Rhoads?
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Black Sabbath? Just steer clear of the one's where Iommi overdubbed himself playing two solos that go in and out of sync.
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Ozzy's finest vocals.

I can give you a few people/bands to look into: Symphony X, Dream Theater, Pantera, SRV, Hendrix, or anything by Ozzy or Santana.

To take a look at an amazing performance with one guitar, check out anything by Andy Timmons, especially this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaVVZYOvMFY
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Ha. Amazing "you gotta listen to the wohooOo" Ozzy turns away thinking *ah F*CK this!"
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Certain Pantera songs don't have a backing guitar on the solos. Same thing with Black Sabbath.

Was gonna say that...
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Anything by Rush. THE best 3 man band ever formed. Geddy the bass god, Lifeson gettin' it done on guitar, and the immortal Neil Peart on drums.
bands with only one guitar player
van halen
black sabbath
led zepplin
zz top
iron maiden
just kidding about that last one
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bands with only one guitar player
No, actually. Clapton always has other guitarists in his band - Derek Trucks, for example. Same with Santana - Neal Schon of Journey was actually asked to pick between joining Santana's or Clapton's bands when he was sixteen, an joined Santana's.

/history lesson
Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine... well Tom Morello to be more specific if you don't have a killswitch and/or any pedals then Audioslave is the least effects ridden of his work (well mildly least)
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I would suggest having the bassist keep the rhythm, but your bassist isn't showing up. I think some Pantera songs are like that.
Listen to eric johnson. One of the best at doing rhythmical stuff with lead. He can fill up the room with sound. Me what i would do is tap a power chord with one hand and solo with the other one. Nino miguel is a flamenco guy, he does crazy stuff alone (it may be too technical for anyone though).

This may help. He does rhythm in his leads.
Iron maiden has 2 guitarists.

The Who only have one guitarist, they might have used backing tracks and such in the studio, but when they played live it was always vocals,drums,bass,and guitar.