I recently bought a Shure SM57 mic, an ART Tube Mp USB mic pre, and Cakewalk guitar tracks pro to record my JCM600 combo. I have been playing around with this setup, but the sounds I am getting are only a bit better than recordings from my line 6 pocket pod. It sounds cheap, and somewhat lifeless- I am sure Its not the amp, because it sounds awesome (especially with an SD-1 in front of it). I have tried EQ'ing, compression, etc- but nothing can really fix that cheap 'canned' sound. Are there any things that I could do to try and 'liven' the tone a bit? Here is a link to a track I did using it- http://netmusicians.org/?section=amp&value=Marshall%20JCM600 Please critique it.

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Haha hey I'm a Luke as well lol. Sorry I can't help ya I just had to say that. But ya I'm gonna be recording soon so this thread might actually help me
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Thats the worst metal amp I've ever used...

It's probably mic positioning like the.spine.surfs said. I was having that problem today, couldn't get anything to sound good cause my mic wasn't in the right position and it was pissing me off.
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The mic is about 75% away from the center of the speaker, with the mic pointed at the speaker wall- what seems to be the best position for recording a nice chunky rythym tone?
Try facing the mic directly at the center of the speaker cone (not the dust cap). You might have to turn up the bass a bit more, back off the treble, and do a little post EQ work after recording. It's all about mic placement. Bad mic placement can make the 'best' amps sound like crap.
if you cant find a good sound by putting the mic close to the amp, try moving it further away. i usually adjust my mic between 2" and 6" from the grill depending on what it sounds like that day. if its muffled, try moving it to like a foot away to get some breathing room for the speaker. or try finding a room that has a nice acoustic environment (bathrooms can work) and sticking the mic across the room from the amp. this usually works better for acoustic instruments or condensor mics, but it is worth a try.

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