Hey guys, I'm currently looking around for a new bass in the new future, until now my main ideas have been Fender jazz standard, Schecter Stiletto Studio, or Warwick Corvette $$.

However today as Browsing the Internets, I remembered a bass that enthralled me awhile ago, the ibanez iceman.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any input into the quality & sound of an ICB200, specifically, the slap tone. I will of course test it before I make any decisions, But i just thought I'd ask you guys opinion on them.



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Slap tone? Not so much. Its more for the rockability mojo factor than anything else. For sure not so bad if you plan to use a pick 95% of the time, but in all honesty I'd just go for something else on your wishlist. They are all better idea's if you are considering good tone right across the board.
Thats not to say i have anything against them Btw, but the tone just didn't do it for me. In a fashion show I'd take one though, cause they are drop dead sexy.
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I own one . Its ok, but back up quality at best IMO. I personally like the sound I get from it. kinda bassy for me, but still not bad. The neck is typical Ibanez. Neck dives like a mother though. I dont slap, so Im not sure about it in that respect. All in all, not a terrible bass by any means, but Id go for one of the other basses on that list.
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