Decent stuff. The guitar harmonies come through clearly, and I think both songs could be expanded nicely with vocals and/or solos.

If I could, I would do another mix and turn the snares/toms/kicks up, because I can only hear the cymbals well.

Could you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=815254
I really like the harmonies done by the guitars and the bass. Excellent work there. Good chord choice as well. The drums are obviously on a drum machine... turn up the bass drum and snare. Or add a bass drum and snare. In Asthenia the only thing I could hear percussion-wise was cymbals. The Crusade was pretty good all around. Add some vocals to that, remix it and you've got something there. Watch out for lead parts though. Don't force them.

If you could crit mine I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks for the reviews guys, Going back and updating the drums a little bit should be no problem at all. I'll upload a new version when I get around to it.