Okay I doubt alot of guys here have played all the SNES classics, but the SNES is arguably the greatest console of all timef or it's **** load of abundant amount of classics and amazing to great games it has. PS2 is basically the same but I expect the PS2 to win since more people here probably won. I vote for SNES though.

Sony is fail. Nintendo is win.
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SNES is by far the greatest console of all time. I still own one, and I have every nintendo and most super nintendo games on both my computer and my Xbox.
easily SNES. Probably the best console of all time. Either that or N64. I think the N64 had better games, but there's something about the SNES that always gives me a stiffy. I love the controlers, so that might be it.

You have the original Star Fox, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, NBA Jam, and it even had that badass little Gameboy adapter. You could change up the whole color scheme of the gameboy game and draw across the screen with that thing.
As far as technology goes, the SNES wins. Why? Because it was the first console to have an actual math processor inside and could render 3D models (see Star Fox). That advancement alone brought gaming so far it cannot be beating.
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I enjoyed the PS1 more than PS2. So.... PS1. I never really liked Nintendo that much.

PC owns all though.
SNES is where it's at.
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Sony is fail. Nintendo is win.

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n64 nes, snes
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SNES > Every other game console

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I never played a snes but the old consoles rocked, even though the quality of games on the playstation 2 generally would of course be better, but that's just evolution of video games.

N64 wins all
how can you even compare the two? n64 maybe is a contender, but not snes. i still prefer sony's cannon of games to the nintendo games, barring super smash and pokemon. and neither of those were on snes.
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Megadrive > SNES



even though the SNES was more powerful, the Megadrive will always win for me. Why?

Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Sonic, Columns, The 6-in-1 carts with the likes of World Cup Italia 90 and Super Hang On. Oh yeah, and Shining Force 2!