I finished up this song a few hours ago. I wrote it about this girl that I've fallen for. Writing this song made me feel a whole lot better as I've been feeling down these past few days. It may seem cheesy as all hell but it does the trick for me. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

A Confession

When I first heard your voice
It moved away all the night
Around me and took me
To a place drenched in the light
Your eyes tell the stories
Of your future and your past
I could look into your eyes
Until time ceases to last

I don't want to lose you
To feelings I keep inside
I'm where I was three days ago
With you still on my mind
I'm writing this as a confession to you
I just can't walk away again. Can you?

You're always in my head
Like a sweet, sweet memory
And now I realize
That I can't let it leave me
Skin and bones is all I am
Unless I leave a mark
I'll step up and use these words
To stamp one on your heart


Can't let this moment
Slip through my fingers
I've got to do this for me
I put the question
Out there for you
Now I'm just waiting to see
What your answer will be

Very nice. If you can get nice music to go with it, it could turn into something quite good and not that cheesy. The lyrics themselves don't seem that cheesy either, I have to say.