I've been wondering it either, since im looking a small practice amp.

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You could get a metal tone with a pedal, yeah. You might also want an EQ to help with the sound, but it's definitely possible to make it do metal.
Check out my band's myspace for a taste of what it sounds like with a pedal in front.

By itself it gets pretty dirty, but you need a good OD or eq in front to really push it


I recorded the guitar with a royal 8.

The setup was

LTD v-200 w/stock duncan designed pickups

Peavey royal 8

Boss MT-2 with the gain at 9 o'clock (I use less gain now as I find it records better with less gain)

I also had the royal 8's gain at like 9 o'clock, master at 10 o'clock and the tone at 12 o'clock.

Great little recording/practice amp IMHO.
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I'm surprised that so many think it will do metal. Maybe the 8 inch speaker isn't such a bad thing after all. Now I want one. GAS. Its all your fault.
dont put a metalzone infront of it. sounds like a can of angry hornets, as cliche' as it may be. just turn the gain up and throw a tubescreamer infront of it.
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Metal Zone sucks. I would try a tubescreamer but come on 180 something bucks! How about the cheap one?