So im trying to pull out 2 tubes on my V3, but i dont know which ones to pull when i put it on the 50 watt setting. Whether it be the 2 inner, 2 on the left or right.

Can anyone show me where? The manual doesnt help at all.
Yea i called Carvin this morning and they use all 4 for both.

My co-guitarist wants me to have more power tube saturation. I tried it today and i like it much more on the 100watt setting for how loud and what we play. I couldnt really tell the difference till i got home and turned them down and flipped them around.

He doesnt believe that you keep all 4 in there. Oh well, he's set on me using the 50 watt setting haha.
I dont like the sound of my v3 over 6 on 50w i rather the 100w at a less pushed level. There is a loss of clarity compared to engls or 5150s
If you're running it at 50 watts, you don't need to pull any tubes. The amp will draw as much power as it needs from the power tubes on its own. I run my Legacy at 50 watts. The cleans are slightly cleaner and the lead channel gets hotter at lower volumes, even though it's still loud as hell past 1.
Yea, im regards to sound and this and that, i am happy with sound i get. My other guitarists is kinda farty and fuzzy; like oldschool rock type of sound. My sound is more like.....PG's? Its what I like, i cant help it. It just sounds right to me.
What kind of amp does your other guitar player have?
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Traynor YCV-40 with KT77s.

Our tones are similar, but different enough to distinguish who is playing what. I like my sound, a lot.
^I like your sound too, it's mostly just the recordings I don't like, mang. Your amp doesn't sound quite like your amp on the recordings we made last week.
Sounds really dry and kinda harsh at times.

I know you can record high gain amps with good results, Erock503 made some wonderful ones. I think it's a matter of proper recording techniques and mic placement.

And my tone isn't farty and fuzzy...
Well, unless I use my fuzz. Then it is fuzzy.
I like to think that when I get to crank it, I get a lot of high-mid compression, and it definitely breaks up smoother than yours, since you have more top end to your tone, and mine is gettin' some power tube saturation.

Anyway, I decided that changing it to 50 watts doesn't seem to have much effect on your tone because your tone mostly relies on preamp distortion anyway. It's hard enough to a crank a 50W halfstack, anyhoo, for power tube saturation...
I like the tone i get. Im pretty sure that i set up the mics wrong. My amp was pretty loud and the mics quiet. It think i need to try it again getting a good balance of everything. When we all recorded, i turned my mic up too high.

In short what i am trying to say is that i need to go back and mess with the mixer/mics again. Yes, my amp sounds dry; thats just the way it is. I like it like that.
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No, on the recordings it sounds dry and harsh. Just need to work on positioning, I think, I don't think it's a matter of levels.

Otherwise, your tone is fine when we're jamming. I mean, it'd be nice if we got some power tube saturation in there, but it's not gonna happen with how loud your amp is.

Thats what i meant. But hey, what can we do?

Hey, i picked up some cool recording tricks from my friends back east. We should give them a whirl. I also peer-pressured Jerrin into feeling guilty he was holding us up cause he didnt have mics......

.....am i such a bad person?