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So preamp tubes are harmless to replace. Now powertubes. How do I make sure theres no risk-factor? Just leave the amp off and unplugged for a while, then dive in? The ValveKing has a fixed bias so dont need to do any biasing.
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Preamp tubes shouldn't need to be replaced... Based on the way you are asking these questions, its obvious have no idea what you're doing. Go to a pro. If you feel you must do this yourself....

I don't know what you mean by no risk. Of course you need to turn the amp off, and it needs to be cool. Make sure you use matched tubes. Try not to touch the tubes directly, finger oil can create weak spots on the tubes when heated. Also YOU DO NEED TO BIAS YOUR AMP. Fixed bias DOES NOT mean you can just stick tubes in there and hope for the best. In fact, fixed bias amps need to be checked more often than cathode biased amps.
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