I had some fun making this. Just started but lost it, maybe itll come back tomorrow. So i guess ill finish it in a bit but for now here it is. crit4crit

-Updated friday march 21, 2008
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intros a bit fast don't you think...

sounds better at 1/2 speed
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sorry if im alittle fast on the intro but. It does sound better fast for my taste I wanna keep the listener entertained lol not bored with freakishly slow beats
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Just to clairify man, i dont listen to any metalcore. the closest to metalcore i get is Lamb of God. A personally i dont think my song is metalcore. but i'll admit it has afew riffs that could be called metalcore. Right now for ur song. I listened to it earlyer and was going to comment but never got round to it. but C4C. its only fair.

Very chaotic, (i love that)
It was interesting in the sense that its all over the place (sound sililar to chatioc but i know what i mean)

The drums, i hated everything about them.
The rythym guitar wasnt my thing
The intro riff is kinda cool. But the rythm guitar and lead guitar don't match at all. It's actually petty confusing.

The chorus sounds good at first. But 3 chord phrasing in 4/4 time = Bad. You should have a four chord progression for the chorus. I also don't really like the seeminly random lead played over it.

So yeah, so far, I don't really like this. I give it 5/10 but I'm sure you can ouch it up and then it will be better.
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if sum one cud play this piece. I would be amazed also happy cause its abit hard for me at the speed. So ill probably post a recording soon. Hopefully someone beats me too it!. btw thnx for the crits
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