Not a bad song, very Nirvana-esque.
Don't quite like the tone of the acoustic lead guitar parts, but the rest (rhythm guitar/vocals) is great.
It's a pretty good song, the lead is cool but idk if it really fits the tone of the song. The singing is also pretty bad, I think you could have a good voice but the tone on this one was a little rough.

Good song overall though, as I type this the chorus is stuck in my head.
i agree, the singing is a little rough, but as a whole i do like the song. did concentrate too much on the lyrics but they sounded pretty good and i also liked the lead part wit the banjolin
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Pritty cool.
The recording quality isnt great, its kind flat sounding, theres not much treble.
The lyics were great, and yes its kinda nirvana-esque.

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