Seeing as I want to play guitar again and I've been looking at different models of electric guitars and amplifiers, I was thinking that while I wait I might as well practice on something else. My mum has this old acoustic thing that I'm thinking about picking up to learn scales and chords on before I get a new electric. Is this a good idea?

The only problem is, it drops out of tune extremely quickly and it's 3/4 size of a full guitar. If I'm going to practice the basics, would it be better to practice them on a full size guitar or will this one be ok? Also, how do I overcome the tuning problem? Will simply replacing the strings work?

Thanks for your time

Well, the size is no problem! As long as it is comfortable to YOU, then thats solved. I have heard that the strings will detune themselves for awhile until they "get used to it". Thats all I can say!
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Ok, it hasn't been used in a very long time so what should I check up on it before I start? Obviously I should change the strings, but what else should be done?
Well, is it electric-acoustic or classical? If electric, then make sure the input and such is in order, other wise it wouldn't plug in. If it is just acoustic or classical, maybe check for dents, scratches, loose tuning knobs, busted bridge, things like that. I really don't know what else, but hopefully this will help!
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