I bought a strat copy for like $20 and have since been messing with it it all sorts of ways. now the more i think about it the more i think if im really ever gonna play it im gonna be a humbucker in the bridge and unfortunately it doesnt have a swimming pool routing, its routed for three single coils. so like, what would be the best more easily achieved way to rout the son-bitch out? i can buy the pickguard with the config i want so then id have a make shift template but what about tools? now i dont have access to all kinds have equip, nor am i going to invest into anything expensive. i dont really care about the job done, considering the pickguard will cover it. . . any suggestions? (if not, i guess ill just go with a SD hotrails, or EMG's maybe)
On a limited budget, get:
1. Variable-speed Dremel(don't get the cordless!)-$50.00
2. Dremel router attachment-$25.00
3. Router bit-$3.25

Or, check EvilBay for a used router and bit.

It's a VERY easy job--just exercise some patience while cutting...