Hey guys!

Been a long time since i've been posting some things...

Well...Our Band's playing stuff in Standard E, Drop-C and Standard D
Now there's the problem or well said question:
My first guitar is tuned standard E, but my second is a Dime-o-Flame with a floating trem, being tuned in Drop-C. For some songs we want to go up to Standard D, or undrop the C-string up to D.
Is there any way to do it without unlocking the trem locks and tuning it up D, or is there some sort of trick for floating trems?

Would be nice to have some requests ^^

looking forward

Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
Sorry, the only way to tune up unless you have some sort of special floating trem is to unlock everything and tune it yourself.

You could use a capo, but i dunno if that'll work because I'm guessing you're gonna be doing divebombs and stuff
Nah, only the Ibanez ZR (so long as the resistance bar is in) and Kahlers can do that. The tension changes will require the other strings to be retuned.

Tremol-no seems the only solution for you, if you don't mind a bit of modding.