ok heres the deal i just got the hartke 3500 and a 115 cab (still saving for the 410) but its amazing and the head only cost $900 (Aus dollars). My god its amazing it destroyed the markbass amp ($2500 for the head) i tested, and it has a 10 band graphic EQ not to mention built its like a tank.

So my question is are there any other brands that could be considered "budget" but blow everything you thought of these brands out of the water and destroy half their competition as far as quality of sound and performance goes?

so discuss about these seemingly "budget" brands and/or products


and no Behringer isn't budget its CRAP full stop
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while its a brand name, its still budget compared to other companies... their amps are great, guitars range from great to horrible depending on what you buy (like any company)...

cant really endorse their bass products though... I'm not really a bassist myself.

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The hartke 3500 looks really nice, both tube and solidstate pre-amps is very cool =)

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