My band in which I sing most of the vocals and play bass is playing it's second gig tomorrow trouble is I have quite a bad cold, anyone have any tips as to how I can ensure my singing is not impaired at all?
drink lots of water, avoid songs you normally strain to sing, drink moe water, avoid sugary drinks, hot drinks (except maybe tea or hot lemon) and rest your voice and warm up properly
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I don't think you want to snort salt water; however, I found that gargling saltwater (warm saltwater) is the way to go. Also, with sinuses, I do something really strange.

I boiled water with salt in it, and put it in this miniature teapot. Then I let the water cool down a bit, lean over the sink, and let it slowly drip through one nostril through to the other. I find it cleans out the nasal cavity quite nicely, but it can take a few tries, as you have to get to a ridiculous angle to be able to let the water constantly stream through your nose.