Hey peeps, this is my frist song ive put on UG so go easy. ha.

Anyway this one was meant to be a death metal song (and it still is) but it have a few metal core riffs in it. i dont know y. i hate metal core. C4C


problem sorted
Suicide Bath.zip
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ok, ive tryied to load my the file but it says invaild file type. what do i do?

im such a noob
u most upload it in a zip file. U just make a new zip file then put your gp4 and gp5 and midi in the zip. Then upload it here . Its ok lol im very interested to hear what u got anyways
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First riff kind of reminded me of Metallica.

I'll be honest, that second riff is REALLY kick ass I wish I could write riffs like that.

I like that breakdown too.

Riff at 37 is pretty sweet.

The part at 65 is kind of cool, but you should defeniteley work on your tranistions. And make the guitar quieter, too.

Well, since it isn't done, I'll give you a 7.5/10. It's pretty decent.
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This was a pretty cool tune.
But yeah it is very ironical that you hate this kind of music and still write it.
But i realy like your use of triplets, especialy those at 33 and a like.
Life is nothing is a cool riff, but i think it would be better to do something diffrent at bar 20.
I like your breakdown at 45, especialy when it starts to build up again.
Your transition to 65 was pretty rough.
The ending riff was sweet, but the ending sucked, try making it fade out or something, couse that wasnt realy a good ending.
Drums are really blocky. I think with the level of technicality and speed of your guitar riffs, you should do the same with the drums.
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First riff is definitely metallica-ish, like Pink said.
2nd riff wasn't as good as I expected
Breakdown followed by riff 37 is plain awesome, really kickass.
Rest of it is correct, nothing really "wow!"

Not bad tune, work on transitions! 7/10