Hey, I'm another guitarist looking to switch to bass. My reasons are because too many people play guitar and not enough people play bass, so it can be hard to find people to start a band with. Second, I play lead, but I am more of a "laid back" person, so I really feel bass is more of my personality type. Finally, bass is just freakin sweet. My problem is, I'm a middle schooler with no money. I need a cheap bass that still is of good quality. Any ideas?
My Gear:
Washburn Maverick Series BT - 2 Electric Guitar
Digitech RP90 Foot Pedal
Drive G35 Amp

Looking to join a serious christian band in Oregon
Check out the FAQ, theres a whole section dedicated to cheap but decent starter basses. I suggest you take a look at it!


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GAS-ing for:
Boss SYB5
Behringer Intelligate IG9
starter pack
second hand shops
ask your parents to get you one for birthday etc

play bass using guitar/school bass etc until you get your own
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