I have come to a decision on 2 differnt guitars. The Ibanez Jem7v or the epiphone Zakk Wylde les paul. I love both of the guitars but im not sure which one would suit my style of playing more. I play rock and metal mostly. But i do like blues and guitar with good clean sound. I dont want you to say go try them out. I want you to give me the goods and the bads of the guitars. Tell me which one is the over-all better guitar. ty
Jem7V would be great if you can afford it. It's very versatile, sounds awesome, and the feel is simply astounding.
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I like the King V KVX10 I have.
I hear the Jackson Rhoads RR3 is great for metal and rock. It has two humbuckers, one Jazz. That gives off great sound.
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Dude, the Jem7V is the far superior instrument here. It has better craftsmanship, better pickups and an excellent double locking tremolo, though you have to know yourself if you want a trem. Do you switch tunings often? In that case you won't like the trem, because doing it on a double locking trem is a pain in the ass.

If you like tremolos and the look of the jem, go for it. It's better than the epi, no matter what aspect.
i would go for ibanez... because the pick ups of the zakk wylde epiphone (emg) does not give u let's say...the best clean sound

althou jem7v looks more versatile

the choice is yours...
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i love ozzy gun-n-roses acdc van halen....mostly rock...but i do like metal also i want a guitar that sounds good with those genres
you are in the same problem as me bro...
you want a versatile guitar to play from hard rock to blues right?

man that jackson looks awsome with great quality to play metal and hard rock!
now to play some blues it might not have the greatest quality...!
if you like it go for it i personnaly like the ibanez and that jackson!
forget the zakk wylde model...lol
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yeah i feel in love with the zakk wylde model and the more i learn about it the more i dont liek it...i love that rr5...ill prolly end up getting it
hell yeah that epihone broke your heart lol
get the rr5 awsome guitar

keep rockin
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I'd rather have the RR3 than the RR5. Th RR3's got a FR.
Unless you don't like tremolos...

And I'd pick the Jem