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Dream On
24 33%
Message In a Bottle
37 51%
11 15%
Voters: 72.
My schools talent show is coming up and i need to figure out what i want to play, I've narrowed it down to two choices

Dream On - Aerosmith


Message In a Bottle - The Police

I'm going to be playing acoustic and singing and i think i'm going to do Dream On but not completely sure yet. Both are slightly challenging to play and sing at once..so which does the put think? Any other sugestions would be great too
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The police all the way.

Although I may have somewhat of a biased opinion.
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Police... its easier... and is just fun to play...
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But seriously, Message In a Bottle
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The Police 100%.

You'll also get the "ZOMG GUITAR H3ROZ!!!" factor.
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yeah, you were right that singing and playing will be a challenge. but i think for the sake of it all sounding nicely blended, Message in a Bottle will work better with an acoustic.
dream on. its got a good acoustic feel, and its not that hard to sing with. plus, it still sounds good without a whole band.
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