The tuning for All Laid Back and Stuff by Andy McKee is D A G D G C but what is the process in which to tune my guitar? much thanks
process? what process? Just turn those little knobs at the top until it plays the note that you want.
An easy process to tune, I'm partially deaf so going by ear isnt something i have mastered yet. I was hoping there was an easy way to tune using the fret-to-open string method like with standard tuning, fretted six at the fifth to the open fifth string, or would i just be making it more complicated for myself?
Use A Tuner
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McKee doesn't use a capo for this one. I cant seam to find this tuning anywhere but how much does a chromatic tuner cost?
Normal tuning: E A D G B E
Alternate tuning: D A G D G C
Now look for similarities in the tuning, and tune off of those strings. For example, the A stays the same. Since the D is one step below E, tune it so the seventh fret of the low (thick) E string sounds like the A string open. From D to G is two steps up, so make it so the tenth fret of the A string sounds like the open D string. Now the G string goes down to a D, so make the fifth fret of the A string sound like the G string open. B goes down to a G, so it has the same pitch as the D string (after the D string has been tuned the way it's supposed to be for this song). Finally the high (thin) E string goes down to a C, so it sounds like the fifteenth fret of the A string. That's how you tune alternately. Takes some basic addition/subtraction math and logic to figure out in five minutes.

7th fret of low E string = A string
A string stays the same
10th fret of A string = D string
5th fret of A string = G string
10th fret of A string = B string
15th fret of A string = E string
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