The first one is a matter of the hardware I have.
I picked up a Dean Evo Xm for bout 85 dollars brand new on sale and an old Laney Hardcore MAX HCM15R for 40 bucks at a pawn shop.

Now, the question is was it worth it and what the heck do i do with it? I want to play yea know...fast songs, with quick picking. So what type of strings should i get? Also what type of picks should i use? Im kinda tired of just screwing around with it, so I want to actually get somewhere! I mean i can play maybe a few slow parts *intro to One, most of Iron Man, pretty much anything basic without chords and solos*

Now onto the question that i have about my technique. The first problem i have is chords. My hands just dont move in the shape that the damn things require me to. Is this something that will change in time with practice? Also, the biggest annoyance i have so far is the fact that when i start playing the first 3-4 strings i have to literally lift the guitar up quiet a bit to get my hand in a comfortable postion to play. It literally feels like something is stabbing my wrist when i try and play normally. Could this be due to the placement of my thumb, they way i hold the neck, or just a really messed up wrist? If yea need any more info, like a more detailed way of how i hold the guitar or any of that mess, lemme know. I really want to get this crap worked on. Im tired of playing iron man and stopping at the solo :grr:

Oh yea, 2 more quick questions about tabs!

When its written like


Does that mean 2 hammer 4 pull 2 *dont hit three at all?*



Slide 4 right?
where the hell am i sliding from?!
yes your hand will feel better with more practice
Your thumb should stay behind the neck and inline with your middle finger. Think of it as if you put a straight line through the neck, your thumb and ring finger should intersect that line
2h4p2 means that you play the second fret and then tap (hammer on) the 4th fret with another finger and the pull that finger off so that your first finger is still on 2, do not hit 3 at all
/4 means you slide from the last note played or from 0
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Strings and picks are all preference. Just practice, practice, practice. You're going to get better. As for the wrist thing, it might the your position or any combination of stuff. Try playing differently and spot where the problem lies.
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