Hi all,

I've been playing acoustic for two years, but I had a fairly relaxed approach and did not practice much. I can play quite a few cords including barre chords and I can also play about 5 scales. I'd say I'm quite good/ok with the simple stuff, but I've never been able to play a song from beginning to the end.

So now I'm thinking of getting an electric guitar and finally getting serious about this.
I'm thinking of getting:

Yamaha RGX A2 (Guitar) - $500
Fender Super Champ XD (Amlifier) - $400

I would like to learn to play a wide variety of mainstream music, just songs that everyone likes and that have been the hits of the last half a century. These would include Johnny Cash, Guns 'n' Roses, Santana, Nickelback, Norah Jones (=P). I definitely do not want to play any metal and I'm not a big fan of jazz. Blues is ok I think.

So the question is - do you think it would be worth getting the above set up for the kind of songs I'd like to play? And would it be worth paying this much considering I'm not THAT good?

All comments appreciated!! Please advise any other guitars or amps!!

P.S. Forgot to ask - Why does the vast majority of people on UG play on Ibanez, Epiphones or Les Paul guitars? I've never seen a Yamaha mentioned here, although my RL mates who play guitar are telling me that Yamaha would be my best choice!?
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if you spend 500 bucks on a guiter. I think that you can find something better than that

edit: if you want a versitale guitar. try getting one with an HSS set-up
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a lot of peops on ug love metal, and the guitars you mentioned have a thick ballsy sound for metal and harder rock.

sorry I don't really know much about yamaha guitars, but if you don't really want to play anything too fast or progressive, maybe you should think about an electric acoustic. if you get a nice one that is set up well it should play pretty easy, and would definitely give you a good range of sounds if you werent going to play anything too heavy.

if you do want an electric though the one you listed sounds pretty good.

as for the amp, there are a number of small wattage tube amps coming out right now, and I don't think that the fender is your best bet. Look into blackhearts new small tube combos and even heads and cabs, you can get one for around 250 and from what Ive heard out of the amps they are pretty nice.

hopefully more people can elaborate on more choices.
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I haven't played that Yamaha, but I have owned a nice one as my first real electric. I personally like them but you don't see a lot of them here on UG, mostly just the Pacifica starter ax.
I agree with the post above regarding lower wattage combo tube amps. 30-50 watt is more than you should need, but you could grow into that if you start playing with a drummer. Many manufacturers with some different options on the amps. Vox, Laney, Peavy, Epiphone, more.
I would suggest you try some other guitars before you buy. The Yamaha may be good and your friends like it, but there is a lot out there in your budget. I also suggest for a first electric to have a Humbucker in the Bridge position and two single coil pickups in front of that. It is a very versatile set up and you can get a lot of different sounds for the type of music you want to play.
i dont know well the gear you chose, but i think it wont be **** for that price
the superchamp is roumored to be a good amp... as for the guitar i dont play metal and i wouldnt suggest yamaha as a first choice. They make quality stuff at a decent price, still it has no... personality. Ill maybe buy a bass from yamaha, not a guitar
Ibanez guitars are set up with low action and high output pickups which are ideal for metal and hard rock but also do sound fantastic clean. Les Pauls are a staple of rock music and one extremely ballsy guitar (that being said they also weigh a ton and have a baseball bat for a neck, not really my cup of tea but a fantastic guitar none the less). So basically we all play them because they are quality axes. I'm not a big fan of Yamaha guitars but that's most likely due to lack of exposure. Your guitar choice is all about personal prefferance. Go to your local shop and noodle around on a few different ones and see which one is your bag.

Judging by the styles you are looking into playing I also would recomend a guitar with a humbucker at the bridge and two single coils, like Fender fat Strat or something like that. Both Santana and Slash use two humbucker guitars. You need humbuckers for fat creamy tone
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Thank you for the such informative replies guys! (and girls if there are any amongst you)

What is an "HSS" set up and what guitars have it? I know it's something to do with the pick-ups, but I have no idea what pick ups produce what sounds...

What is an "electric-acoustic" guitar and how does it differ from the normal acoustic or electric guitars? I assume it can play both, but I always thought that you can make any electric guitar play a sound very similar to acoustic, no?

As for the amps, as far as I understand, the number of Watts simply indicated the maximum volume of the amp, correct? So for me, since I'm just going to be practicing in my room at home, 15-30W should suffice right?

What are these "tube" amps and how do they differ from "normal"(?) or "non-tube"(?) amps? And why are some amps called "Combo" amps?

I also suggest for a first electric to have a Humbucker in the Bridge position and two single coil pickups in front of that.

Could you please spell this out for me? What are you referring to? Is is a just a matter of setting up any guitar or should I be looking for a guitar with this specific set up (or whatever that is =) )?

Yes, the price tag is massive, but I would like to get something nice once and live with it for the next 3-5 years or so. Besides, this is gonna be a present from my parents for my 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th(this one) Birthdays since I did not ask for anything for those ones.

Sorry for another long post, but if someone could just answer any of these questions, I would love them forever!!
HSS refers to the pickup configuration of the guitar. HSS=Humbucker/Single coil/Single coil (like a Fender Fat Strat.

For plenty of information regarding guitars in general. Read this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=328491

For amp information, read this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149114
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A Fender Fat strat (HSS) or a Fender with a single coil sized humbucker in the bridge position would fit your needs nicely in regards to the music styles that you want to play.

Other manufacturer's you might want to consider would be some of the models made by Schecter (like the Gryphon) which comes with two humbuckers that can be split/coil tapped with one of the controls give the guitar a single coil tone, making it a very versatile guitar.
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Once in a blue moon, God reaches down from his lofty perch, points at an infant boy and proclaims, "This one shall have balls carved out of fucking granite."
Great amp choice, but you can get one for $300 at Guitar Center, $150-250 lightly used on ebay.

As for versatile rock guitars, I'd reccommend a Les Paul, SG, Telecaster Deluxe, Fat Strat, or Superstrat. Like Valo said, try different guitars. I'd say to go with a used one. That way you can always sell or trade it without much of a loss. Starting out, it won't take long to figure out what you like and don't like in your first guitar. Then you can apply that preference to your second guitar and so on.
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Wow, just finished looking through the Guitar Basics thread!! So far, everything is telling me that Yamaha is the perfect choice for me, except it has two humbuckers (HH set up) instead of HSS as been recommended here. Does this matter that much? I've found lot of videos on youtube of people playing this Yamaha and I think it can make all the sounds I need... So if everything else seems to be perfect, should I still look for something with an HSS?

P.S. Could someone point to a thread with useful riffs/songs for testing out a guitar? Cause I dont know any and the thread said not too look like a complete noob or you won't get respect out of the sales assisstant

P.S.S. I live in London, UK (but I'm a crazy Rusky). Does anybody here know "the place" for electric guitars here? Something that has a good range of guitars/amps and nice sales assisstants?

Time to learn everything about the amps...
RGX A2 rules! This was my second guitar and I love it to death! Super low action, thin neck, ultra light weight, and its real pretty. It has a very unique clean sound because of its build. It also sounds fantastic for harder music. You might be able to find something more versatile for the price, but nothing cooler. I liked it so much I also bought the RBX4 A2.