Hola Senior Tyler Kefford

Your music Rocks esse!!! I sign up to this crudhole just to tell you that! Dont go too hard to early though brother, you need to sloooooow down amigo. The drugs will send you loco!

I'm looking for the cheapest and easiest (the learning curve), how to write songs on your PC. Protools and my words are too complicated room.

I think my goal as a guitar and vocals, and then said to own music equipment company, my Banda. There is no reason to quality. My bandmate GarageBand's impressive, but I have a personal computer.

I'm trying to get the hardware for the purchase of a minimum (I do not have much space in my room).

We need to:
-- Record acoustic guitar parts, software, much influence.
-- Voting record.
-- Multi-track c apablilities.
-- Add the equipment (synthesizer, bass, drums) through the interface.
-- A tool and it is possible to create all kinds of rhythm to my music (rock, hip hop -, Latin, etc. ..)

-- Budget <$ 5 00
-- Guitar
-- Desktop PC P W indowsX

I have very little knowledge of the recording on your PC, as long as what I read and forums mefi. I think, for me the best options:

-- Sound card using a multiple entry (E - Pingo)
-- Software (g uitarrig and C akewalk)
-- Mike

I am on the button?

I Will catch you on the myspacesos amigo!

Time for siesta - Drofeki Relyeto
I just listened to Simple Secrets and it was pretty heavy - you've got a good rockin' voice that suits the music very well. Your voice reminds me a lot of a mix between John Lydon and Trent Reznor (which is a good thing). This is on the heavier end of my listening spectrum, and at times it has an industrial kind of feeling to me.

"Friends in Redemption" sounded really good too - your voice sounded really good in this one and I like the sound of the guitar near the end. Lastly, your voice sounds terrific in "Insomniac Release" as well.

Overall, your tunes are pretty edgy and your voice fits extremely well. The mixing is done very well too, and everything sounds really good. I quite enjoyed it, and I'm going to add you as a friend on myspace.