hi,i have two guitars an old epiphone lp and i recently bought a woody custom at crimbo as the lp is needing work done to it.the problem is though that the woody custom was set up badly when i got it,the action is very high and the tailpiece is rising out(its as if there is too much pressure on it).I am wondering what is causing this and how to go about repairing it?it is an lp style tunomatic on a tele style body.any help appreciated. just adding a couple of details since i have'nt had a reply,i don't think i explained the problem very well the tailpiece post on the 6th string side is leaning towards the bridge whereas the the other post is flush.I think the hole is possibly slightl too wide as the post can come right out.any ideas how to fix this(i was thinking about wrapping some plumbers tape around it would that work?)
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