As per my usual day off routine during weekdays, I'm pretty drunk. TO the point where I can't walk up stairs..


I require the bathroom facilities

how can I make it up the stairs baring in mind I can barely stand..

Any help is thankful...
Crawl up the stairs to the john then kneel as you pee.....noob.
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Um...you type and draw well ofr somebody that is so drunk they can't walk upstairs. Personally, if I'm that drunk, and I come home, I tend to just pass out...

yeah I'm pretty much awesome
Urinate in your trousers. That'll teach you to not get drunk so much.

Or in the future get drunk in your bathroom.
1. Piss in a pitcher.
2. Video.
3. Drink it all.
4. Upload on the internet.
5. ?????
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You type awfully well for someone who claims to be unable to stand.

Which means you're lying, and have had a beer.

I expect better from regulars.
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