I have the Boss TU-2, it claims to be able to work as a power supply for other pedals. How exactly does that work and what else do I need to get? I think I have to get an AC adapter, but that's what is confusing me... seems to me like the big black box that you plug in to the wall is the power supply.
well. You need an adapter for the TU-2, and then it will provide power for all you boss pedals.
If you do not have the TU-2, you'll need an adapter for every singel pedal
I'm not sure if the power goes through the jack or if it has a power out port
The TU-2 is the same as the NS-2 Noise Suppressor, and on the top of the pedal there is an power-in and power-out port.

I haven't tried the NS-2 as a pedal box for my pedals yet so i can't give you a clear indication of how many pedals you can power, but I've seen videos of guys powering up to 9 or 10 different pedals.

Hope this answers your question
Is there a better solution? It's not like I have other boss pedals right now, this is an acoustic rig. I have a Boss TU-2 tuner, a Fishman Aura pedal, and an L.R. Baggs D.I. box that runs off of phantom power. So really I just need power for that Fishman and the tuner.
Well i'm not too sure if the Fishman will run off the same power of the boss, check the instruction manuals and find out if the inputs are of the same power levels because not all pedals are the same, but if they are you should be able to bounce the power off the tuner without any problem.

You're going to have to get the adapter for the TU-2 anyway unless you want to be eating through alot batteries, but hopefully you could kill two birds with one stone
don't bother. you plug it into the power supply, then take a daisychain out from the power output on the pedal. in reality however, this is worse than simply connecting the power supply directly to a daisychain.
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